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Law Review

Board of Editors, Volume 43: Senior Staff

From left to right: (top row) Senior Articles Editor: Frederickie A. Rizos, Senior Note Editor: Andrew S. Lavender, Editor-in-Chief: Caitrin E. Kiley, Symposium Editor: Cassaundra J. Gonzalez, Note Editor: Carli J. Ross; (bottom row) Assistant Symposium Editor: Caroline Foley, Production Editor: Igor V. Bykov, Note Editor: Viktoriia R. Protsyk, Production Editor: Britaney N. Guzman-Bailey, Online Content Editor: Brittany K. Bandani; (not pictured) Managing Editor: Robert W. Taylor, Symposium Editor: Audrey R. Kettle, Production Editor: Michael J. McAndrew, Publishing/Sourcing Editor: Nathan H. Bench.

Associate Staff:

From left to right: (top row) Sarah R. Bodzinski, Jason M. Chaaya, Talia Moorey, Kenneth J. Stratton, Meaghan E. Collins; (middle row) Matthew W. Dziok, Susana Marques, Sean P. Buxton, Victoria A. Lyne; (bottom row) Catherine E. Matthews, Zachary S. Poreman, Rachel Woods, Peter M. Curtis; (not pictured) Alaina Donohue, Kathleen M. Loubier.

Since its inception in 1978, the Western New England Law Review has published critical pieces on contemporary legal issues.  We produce one volume yearly, comprising two issues and one symposium issue, which peers keenly into a particular area of timely legal discussion.  Our publications include essays and articles from legal scholars and practitioners, and student Notes written by Law Review members during their first year on the Editorial Staff.