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Recharge Your Batteries!

The Law Library is pleased to announce that our Mindfulness/Meditation Alcove is now open. This is a space created for mindfulness and meditation. Yoga mats, meditation cushions, and rugs are provided. Please come and use this new space to help you recharge your batteries.


Supercharge Your Efficiency

Technological competence is now a part of the ethical duties for attorneys practicing in 36 states, including Massachusetts and Connecticut (here is a link to an article where you can find the rules for your jurisdiction). In addition to the ethical duties you will need to respect in practice, getting technology training can greatly increase your efficiency while working your way through law school.

 To assist you with this the Law Library will be holding it’s popular technology training classes. Starting September 5, these classes will be held every Thursday at 12:30 pm in room L329 until Thanksgiving Break. You can learn how to do specific tasks in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat Pro. Upcoming topics include:

  • September 12: Microsoft Word—Table of Authorities—How to mark citations within your document to automatically generate and update a Table of Authorities. Use the things learned in this class to transform the ultimate drudgery into mild annoyance. To sign up follow this link.
  • September 19: Microsoft Word—Footnotes & Crosslinking—How to use Microsoft Word’s footnoting feature, including how to crosslink short citations within your footnotes. Save tons of time while writing academic papers. To sign up follow this link.
  • September 26: Microsoft Excel – Basics—Covers how to quickly navigate spreadsheets, how Excel handles different data types and formats, how to use the fill handle, basic formulas, and more. Excel is one of the universally used programs for business. To sign up follow this link.

Questions? Contact Artie Berns, phone: 413-782-1454, email: artie.berns@law.wne.edu

Upcoming Research Workshop

Sign up for "Improving Your Bluebooking Skills" by following  this link.

Nicole Belbin will be teaching this Workshop on Wednesday September 25 at noon and 5:00 pm.

Both sessions of this Workshop will focus on understanding the structure of the Bluebook and basic citation rules. Another hands-on Workshop later in the semester will focus on exercises to help you improve your Bluebook competency.

Pallavi George takes the prize!

Pallavi George has won the Lexis Advance drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Congratulations Pallavi!