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Mail Services can assist in many ways to ensure your department's mail is processed in a cost effective, efficient, and timely manner and meet all United States Postal Service requirements. Mail Services can provide address cleansing for mailing lists, seal envelopes, apply postage, assemble (put inserts into envelopes, fold, and document merge), tab, address envelopes, and provide address verification. Please contact the Mail Services Manager at 782-1329 to arrange a meeting to discuss your departmental needs.

Address and Mailing Lists

The Address and Mailing List Request Form assists the authorized user(s) to request the necessary addresses for specific groups. This form must be submitted for approval to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Mail Services cannot process the mail list without prior approval. Please allow at least five (5) business days for the approval process. The approval process does not include the time for mail processing within Mail Services.

Check all boxes that apply on the Address and Mailing Request Form to select the correct receipients for your mailing. All the shaded fields must be filled in to ensure proper budget account and requestor's information.

Metered Postage

It is not necessary to apply postage to your business mail envelopes. Mail Services can apply metered postage, apply any presort discount, and seal the envelope. To receive presort discount, the address must be typed not handwritten.

Bulk and Non-Profit Discount Mailings

Contact Mail Services prior to producing a large or specialized mailing to ensure your mailing is timely, cost efficient, and that the design meets Mail Services equipment specifications and United States Postal Service standards. Large mailings consist of 200 pieces or more.

Document Matching and Inserting

Mail Services uses a totally integrated mail system that revolutionizes the way your department creates mail. By eliminating the manual steps involved in creating a mailing, the equipment saves valuable time and effort. Using Windows-based software, the document matching and inserter equipment can print documents with variable text, create a matching envelope, add two standard cut sheets and one insert, fold and insert into the matching envelope and seal the envelope. Mail is created in a zip code order for Postal Service automation. Fee for the document matching is $.04 apiece.

W-Inkjet Addressing

The Kirk Rudy W-Inkjet addressing system eliminates the need to address labels. The W-Inkjet can print the address on a post card, full size booklets, or on something as thick as a video tape mailer. Using Windows-based software, the W-Inkjet prints the address in Zip Code order for Postal Service automation. Files are scanned for proper addresses to match the United States Postal Service Zip Code file. Reports are available to identify address corrections. Fee for the W-Inkjet is $.025 for each piece addressed.


Mail Services can tab booklets and folded printed materials. Contact Mail Services to discuss your tabbing needs. Fee is $.01 per mail piece.