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D'Amour Library Embraces Transformation

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2016 - 1:01 PM Business , Arts and Sciences , Engineering , All News

"Student input is always welcomed"

D'Amour Library Transformation

In recent months, Western New England University’s D’Amour Library has undergone a number of significant changes. These changes will provide new resources and improve the library’s functionality to aid faculty, students, and staff in day-to-day operations. The changes range from adding larger computer monitors in the labs, to repurposing space for more group-work, and remodeling entire areas of the library for academic needs. 

The Business Analytics Center:

As the newest addition to D’Amour Library, this 30-seat computer lab provides state-of-the-art SAP management software technology to assist business students. Arranged in “pods” of three, the 27 inch monitor stations are equipped with Windows 10 and arranged for collaboration among students. Both classes and tutoring sessions are held in the new Business Analytic Center. During the evening, or when there is not a class being taught, the lab is open to any student who wishes to use it.

Pharos Printing Management System:

The addition of the Pharos Printing Management System is one on the largest campus-wide implementations. As a step toward conservation and sustainability, this system was incorporated to increase the functionality and flexibility of printing on campus. In the upcoming months, printing will be available through a wireless connection allowing students, faculty, and staff to print from anywhere on campus and then pick up their materials in D’Amour at their convenience. 

Jennings Music Listening Room:

This quiet, sunlit room located on the first floor of D’Amour Library is home to nearly 4,000 CDs and LPs ranging from opera to Broadway musical soundtracks. Faculty, staff, students, and Springfield community members use this versatile space for meetings, course work, or to simply relax while listening to music. The room is an open space for all University community members to enjoy. 

Clark Reading Room:

The Clark Reading Room is now located near the entrance of D’Amour, replacing what was previously, and informally, known as “the Parents’ Lounge.” University community members are invited to use this open space for quiet reading, group work, or to grab an inexpensive cup of coffee. 

D’Amour Library Layout Changes:

The layout of D’Amour Library has significantly changed over the past few months. The reference stacks that once filled the first floor were significantly reduced, some being moved to the third floor, and others transferred to digital copies. The stacks housing CDs and DVDs have been moved behind the first floor stairwell. This restructuring and digitizing of reference materials opened floor space for more study tables to be added, and an open-space concept to be adopted. 

Digital Updates:

University community members now have access to more than 90,000 electronic titles through online databases. Another resource available is the digital version of the New York Times. This version can be found on the University website and is available by registering with a University email. Access is free and available anywhere once registered.

Looking to the future, D’Amour Library plans to focus even more on the changing needs of the students and staff. The Director of D’Amour Library, Priscilla Perkins, is reviewing a variety of ideas she hopes to implement in the near future. Ideas include a variety of new study spaces, collaborative booths, and a general first floor renovation. Perkins stated, “We are always here to serve the students…to be an efficient and valuable resource, and student input is always welcomed to help us create a student-driven environment.”