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Kite Festival Brings International Students Together

SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2017 - 10:10 AM Arts and Sciences , All News , Engineering

Western New England University’s Spiritual Life Office and International Student Club recently held their annual Spring Kite Festival on the Commonwealth Hall Lawn. Kites were provided to anyone who wanted to participate in the event, and family members were welcome to join the fun.     

“We hold this spring festival for the students who want to stay close to their cultural roots and just have some fun. These kite festivals happen all over the world, and it’s something that our students from several different countries like to observe,” explained Coordinator of the Spiritual Life Office Sheila Hanifin. “We always want to encourage our University community to explore traditions from other cultures, and this is a good way to do so.” 

“This kite festival draws inspiration from the Basant Kite Festival, a seasonal celebration in the Middle East and India where people gather to welcome the coming of spring,” explained Katie Ahlman, international student coordinator. “The tradition dates back to the late 19th century, and one of our goals is to provide a fun, relaxing activity before final exams begin.”