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Becker College Signs Agreement with Western New England University School of Law

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2018 - 9:24 AM Law , All News

Becker College in Worcester and Western New England University School of Law recently signed a 3+3 articulation agreement that allows undergraduate students attending Becker College to apply for admission to the law school and begin their legal education during their senior year. This could shorten the time for students to earn both their Bachelor's and JD degrees from seven years to six years.

"We are excited to offer this opportunity for our students to pursue JD degrees," said Ursula Furi-Perry, JD, Assistant Dean, School of Nursing and Behavioral Sciences at Becker College. "The 3+3 program enhances the partnership between our institutions, and provides our students with a cost-effective path to a degree in law."

Law impacts virtually every area of modern society. The 3+3 Law program enables students to merge two passions—their primary major and an interest in law. Political Science majors may use law as a stepping-stone to holding political office. Accounting majors may find growing opportunities in tax law. Any undergraduate student, regardless of major, can earn credits toward law school under this program. The most common majors through which students develop legal skills include Business, Political Science, Economics, History, Mathematics, and Health Sciences.

School of Law Dean Eric Gouvin explained that the program "will open up opportunities for undergraduate students who want to focus a law degree in the field of study they are passionate about, and save them precious time and money in the process. While many students will find this arrangement attractive, it may be especially appealing to students who are returning to school later in life following a military deployment or after devoting time to family matters."

With an emphasis on the development of practical lawyering skills, the JD program provides extensive experiential opportunities in legal clinics and externships. The 3+3 program becomes effective beginning in the 2018-19 admission cycle for students desiring to begin law school in the fall of 2019.

For more information visit wne.edu/law.