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Healthy U Series Tackles The Skinny on Weight Loss

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018 - 10:03 AM Pharmacy and Health Sciences , All News

Even small changes in weight can mean big health benefits. That was just one of the morsels Dr. Melissa Mattison served up to a group of Western New England students, faculty, staff, and community members during a talk on nutrition and weight loss January 23 as part of the College of Pharmacy’s Healthy U Lecture Series.

The presentation, dubbed "The Skinny on Weight Loss," discussed the importance of good nutrition, some of the challenges of healthy lifestyle changes as well as how to live a healthy lifestyle. "Diets help with weight loss, but by making lifestyle changes that stick, you can improve your quality of life and reduce health risks," Mattison said. "Decreasing your overall weight by as little as 5% can lower your risks of diseases associated with obesity significantly."

Mattison presented examples of proper meal sizes, the types of foods we should be eating more of, and outlined the ideal meal plan for people seeking to become healthier. "About half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables, which can sometimes surprise people," Mattison said, engaging the audience with visual aids and answering questions throughout the speech.

Mattison is a clinical assistant professor of community care for the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Western New England University.  She specializes in health and wellness, motivational interviewing, medication therapy management, self-care and disease prevention. Mattison also serves as  the clinical director of the Community Patient Care Center at Western New England University,  providing individualized clinical services to faculty, staff, and members of the public.

Mattison’s  presentation was part of the College of Pharmacy’s “Healthy U” public lecture series. Visit wne.edu/healthyu to view upcoming topics and learn more about the series.