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The College of Pharmacy was established to provide the high quality, yet highly personal approach to advanced learning that is a hallmark of Western New England University to students seeking to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. In Februray of 2008, Dr. Evan Robinson became the founding dean of the College and by July of 2009, he began assembling his core administrative team. 

Pivotal to the success of the new program was construction of a new academic building that would house the College and expanded facilities for the University's science and pschology programs. In August of 2009, plans sere drawn to develop the Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy, the largest construction projeject ever undertaken by the University to date. Connstruction began in September 2009. 

In July 2010, Dean Robinson began actively recruiting faculty for the College. Today it boasts a faculty of whose diverse expertise range from. With the faculty in place, curriculum was developed. Collaborating with the College of Arts and Sciences which offers the Pre-pharmacy program, the Pharmacy Admissions Office staff began recruitment of the inaugural Class of 2015.  

With construction completed, the University celebrated the grand opening of the Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy with a ribbon-cutting ceremony held in December 2010. Preparations for the first class continued throughout the spring and summer with the addition of technology for multi-media classrooms, a model pharmacy, laboratory equipment, and a simulation lab.

In August of 2011 members of the first class arrived at the College of Pharmacy. The inaugural White Coat Ceremony was delayed by Hurricane Irene and ultimately held in October.

Lifelong learning is integral to the philosophy of the College of Pharmacy and its view of the "Pharmacist as Eductaor." Critical to that mission is continuing education programming for practicing professionals and eduction and recruitment of preceptors to mentor students. In May of  2011, the  College hosted first Continuing Pharmacy Education and Preceptor Development Conference.

By spring of 2012, College of Pharamcy learners were ready to begin apply classroom learning to introductory experiential rotations. 

In March 2013, the College celebrated the success of the Make Your Make student-produced video with won best film in the  PharmFlix contest. The video celebrated the diverse backgrounds of the student body with students talking about their experiences in the program in their native languages above subtitles. 

By May of 2014, learners in the inaugural class began their advanced experiential rotations.

One year later, the entire University celebrated the graduation the of the First Class graduates from the PharmD program on May 17, 2015 as part of a new combined master's and doctoral ceremony tradition, following a separate hooding ceremony on May 16.

With the successful graduation of the first class, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) grants full accreditation status to the Western New England University College of Pharmacy in July 2015.