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PharmD Pathway: Transfer Applicants

Transfer applicants have been enrolled in another Doctor of Pharmacy program and are looking to transfer into the WNE Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Students who have minimally completed fall and spring PY1 coursework at another school must have an overall GPA of 2.5 in their Doctor of Pharmacy program to be considered for our program.

If the GPA is 2.5 or above, the student must submit the following information to Lori Berg, Director of Admissions and Recruitment at lori.berg@wne.edu:

  • Official transcripts from current pharmacy school
  • Official transcripts from all schools attended
  • Letter from a Dean within their current pharmacy school indicating good standing (either academic OR character)
  • Supplemental application form

*Additional recommendation letters are optional

All documents are reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine if an invitation to interview will be offered. After the interview is completed, the Admissions Committee will review and determine the admissions decision.

If the student is admitted, they must work with the Dean of Academic Affairs to determine which coursework will be transferable.

Students who have not completed fall and spring PY1 coursework must apply as a first-year student via PharmCAS.

To begin the transfer process, please reach out to Lori Berg, Director of Admissions and Recruitment at lori.berg@wne.edu.