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College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Administration

James J. Knittel

Interim Dean

Email: jknittel@wne.edu
Phone: 413-796-2037
Office: CSP 203


Beth E. Welch

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Email: bwelch1@wne.edu
Phone: 413-796-2012
Office: CSP 207


Kim Tanzer

Assistant Dean of Experiential Affairs and Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Email: kim.tanzer@wne.edu
Phone: 413-796-2032
Office: CSP 211


Joshua J. Spooner

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Email: jspooner@wne.edu
Phone: 413-796-2010
Office: CSP 209


Matthew Dintzner

Assistant Dean for Assessment & Accreditation, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Email: matthew.dintzner@wne.edu
Phone: 413-796-2437
Office: CSP 324


Cathy A. Dow-Royer

Chair/Program Director and Professor

Email:     cathy.dow-royer@wne.edu
Phone:   413-782-1423
Office:    Blake Law Center Room 219