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Returning Student Housing Selection

Below you will find information about returning student housing selection for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Please read through this information carefully, and feel free to ask your RA, your Area Director, or contact us at 413-782-1317 or residencelife@wne.edu if you have any questions.

THD Step by Step

As you may already know, returning student housing selection will take place in our new housing system, The Housing Director (THD).  Below you'll find a document which describes the room selection process in THD, step by step.

How to Video - Filling out an Application in THD

How to Video - Selecting roommates and housing in THD

The link to THD can be found in your Connect2U, but the link to THD self-service is also below.

THD Self-Service

THD Step By Step

Applications and Housing Verification Payment (Housing Deposit)

The first steps in returning student housing selection is completion of the Returning Undergraduate Student Housing Application in THD, followed by the $300 Housing Verification Payment. When you complete the application in THD, it will generate a charge for the Housing Verification Payment which will show up on your student account next day. You can then go pay the Housing Verification Payment through your Colleague self-service.  Applications will be available in THD starting on Friday February 26, 2021.  Applications and payments are due Friday March 26, 2021.  You can pay the Housing Verification Payment any time between when you complete your application and the March 26th deadline.

Important Note:  If you need a waiver for the Housing Verification Payment, meaning that you do want to participate in room selection, but you cannot make the payment, DO NOT complete the Returning Undergraduate Student Housing Application before you speak to Residence Life and obtain your waiver.  Once you have obtained a waiver, Residence Life will give you additional instructions on how to complete an application and move forward in the process with a waiver.

The Housing Verification Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. However, if a student makes a payment, but then decides to commute, and informs the Office of Residence Life of that decision on or before April 30th, 2021, that student may receive a half refund of the Housing Verification Payment.  

Student housing is assigned for the full academic year (or program period for international students), unless the Student graduates or withdraws (voluntarily or involuntarily). Students who select housing, but then decide to commute, and inform the Office of Residence Life of that decision on or before the 14th day of August, will not be responsible for room and board charges, but will lose the $300 Housing Verification Payment.  After the 14th day of August, students are responsible for room and board charges for the full academic year (Fall and Spring) unless they withdraw from the University or graduate mid-year.  Refund schedules for students withdrawing from the University can be found here.

Housing Selection Schedule

Priority for housing selection is determined by adding the credits you have earned prior to Spring 2020 to the credits you are currently taking.  See below for the schedule of room selection times.

Expected Credits = Credits Earned Prior to Spring 2021 + Spring 2021 Credits

 Expected Senior Week

101 or more expected credits – April 6th at 2PM

94 – 100 expected credits – April 7th at 2PM

90 – 93 expected credits – April 8th at 2PM 

Expected Junior Week

69 – 89 expected credits – April 13th at 2PM

64 – 68 expected credits –  April 14th at 2PM

60 – 63 expected credits –  April 15th at 2PM 

Expected Sophomore Week

33 – 59 expected credits – April 20th at 2PM

29 – 32 expected credits – April 21st at 2PM

28 or less expected credits – April 22nd at 2PM

Students who choose not to select as part of a group will be able to select a bed starting on April 23rd at 2PM.

Note that students who are expected to have less than 30 credits at the end of the Spring semester will select on the last day of Expected Sophomore Week.

What if I'm looking for a group to join, or people to fill my group?

As part of housing selection, students must be part of a group that completely fills the room, suite or apartment they are trying to select.  Groups must have either two, four or six people in order to be able to successfully select housing.  In order to assist students with that requirement, the Office of Residence Life provides students with a number of ways to find roommates if they are having trouble finding a group or filling a group.  

The roommate board will be available at the Office of Residence Life starting the week of February March 1st. Students can post something on that board indicating what kind of housing they are looking for and/or how many people they are looking for. Posts also include contact information so students can connect with each other and form groups.

We also schedule two virtual meet and greet sessions for people looking for roommates. Anyone looking for a roommate, or to join a group, or to add people to your group, is strongly encouraged to attend one or both of these sessions.  Meet and greets are scheduled for the following dates and times:

March 15th at 7:00PM on Zoom

March 29th at 7:00PM on Zoom

In addition, we encourage you to use your building/area Kodiak classroom to post and see if you can locate other students in your building who also need roommates.

Wondering What Apartment Style Housing Looks Like?

Each year, the Office of Residence Life hosts an open house night in upperclass areas of housing so that students who have not lived there before can see them and see what their housing for the next year might look like. More information about them will be forthcoming in the residence halls as we get closer to the event.

Gateway Village Map

Below is a list of Gateway Village apartments (in the undergraduate housing area) that are one bedroom apartments.  All other two-person apartments (in the undergraduate area) are efficiency apartments:

Gateway Drive 19L
Gateway Drive 29R
Gateway Drive 36R
Gateway Drive 46L
Gateway Drive 47L
Gateway Drive 53L
Gateway Drive 53R
Gateway Drive 57R
Gateway Drive 64R
Gateway Drive 76L

Click below for information about apartment configurations in Gateway, Evergreen and Southwood.  

Apartment Layouts

Open Houses

Virtual Open Houses in the Apartment Style Areas are to be announced.  Watch for details!

Applying to Live in LaRiviere Center


Starting this year, The LaRiviere Center will be included in the traditional housing selection process. While we are happy to have suites of students declare a theme and plan theme based programming, that it is no longer a requirement in LaRiviere.  

Information About Special Housing Accommodations

Western New England University is committed to providing students who have a documented disability or medical condition with a safe environment in which to live and study. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the Office of Student Accessibility Services of the nature of their disability and desire to receive a special housing accommodation.

If approved, the Office of Student Accessibility Services will work directly with the Office of Residence Life in an effort to provide a housing accommodation that is appropriate and reasonable. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services at (413) 782-1258.

Click here for more detailed information about special housing accommodations, or visit Student Accessibility Services here.

Gender Neutral Housing

Are you interested in living with friends with different gender identities than your own? Gender Neutral Housing may be for you! The Gender Neutral Housing application for the 2021-2022 academic year is now available below. Applications are due March 26th.

Have questions about Gender Neutral Housing? email us at residencelife@wne.edu and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

GNH Application

Information for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Students

We recognize that our online housing program only allows students to identify themselves as either male or female. As we recognize the need to support all forms of gender identity and expression in the residence halls, transgender and gender non-binary students are encouraged to contact us at residencelife@wne.edu or by phone at 413-782-1317 so that we can work with you on an individual basis to house you in an environment that supports and reflects your gender identity.

How are Vacant Spaces Handled

After room selection, some students will withdraw from housing or change rooms, which will create vacant spaces in upperclass housing. Over the course of the summer, the Office of Residence Life will fill these vacancies with returning students who have requested room changes, reactivated/readmitted students and new transfer/international students. When a space in your room is filled with a new student, you will be notified via e-mail. 

If a space in your room becomes vacant, and you know someone who would like to move into that space, you may contact the Office of Residence Life via email at residencelife@wne.edu to request that person as a new roommate, and that person must also contact the Office of Residence Life to request a room change to your room. There is no guarantee that we will be able to grant those requests, but if the space is still available at the time when we receive your request, we will certainly consider it. To see if there is a vacancy in your room at any time, you can simply check your THD Self-Service.

If you are withdrawing from housing or if you are moved to a new space because of a room change request, it is your responsibility to notify your former roommates of this change. It would be wise for roommates to stay in touch over the summer and check your THD Self-Service periodically if you are concerned that one or more of your roommates may withdraw from the room.

Vacancies which exist at the beginning of each semester may be filled at any time during the semester, as space is needed. While we will make every effort to inform students when they are getting a new roommate/suitemate, prior notice cannot always be guaranteed.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life at 413-782-1317 if you have any questions. 

Resident Student Housing Agreement

When you complete your housing application in THD, you will also be agreeing to the Resident Student Housing Agreement. THD will provide you with an opportunity to view the full agreement before you complete your application and will send you a copy of the Agreement, but you can also preview it below.  If you have any questions regarding the housing agreement, please feel free to contact us.

2021-2022 Housing Agreement