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Congratulations on becoming a Golden Bear!

Join our Facebook group at Western New England University Class of 2023 (Official Group). Here you will be able to meet your future classmates, receive updates from Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs), and stay up to date on everything related to the Class of 2023!

Register for SOAR!

The traditional SOAR program spans two days, beginning at approximately 10:00 a.m. on Day One of each program and ending at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Day Two. Transfer Student SOAR is a program that begins at 9:30 a.m. and concludes at approximately 3:30 p.m. For the traditional SOAR program, you are strongly encouraged to stay on campus overnight whether or not you plan to live on campus during the first year.


Note: All SOAR sessions are identical; selection of date is based entirely on convenience. There is no student fee for SOAR. The fee for parents/guardians is $100 per person, and includes all materials, meals, and handouts. For the transfer student program, a fee of $25.00 per guest is assessed.

Book a hotel for parents/guardians

The SOAR program is a rich, full experience for students and parents/guardians alike. Parents are encouraged to attend (nearly 80% of students come with at least one parent/guardian). Accommodations for parents are available at a local hotel at a Western New England University rate. Reservations can be made by following the link on the SOAR resgistration. The SOAR program is designed to be informative, and while it is fun for students and parents/guardians, we have found that siblings/significant others are generally bored. Therefore, we do not recommend bringing siblings/significant others.

Activate Your WNE ID

Approximately 4 business days after making your tuition deposit, you will receive an email from the University containing your username and default password, with details on activating your ID and accessing Connect2U. These emails will begin on May 2.

Connect2U is different than your Application Status page. The Application Status page should be used during the admissions process in order to submit application materials, check your application status, submit your deposit, and submit final transcripts. Connect2U will give you access to class registration, our online learning management system, online billing, and other important information you will need to be successful once you begin at WNE.

In order to activate your WNE ID, you have to first change your password. To do this, click here. Your username is the first part of your email address (before the @wne.edu) and your initial password is a nine-digit number consisting of the number 9, the two-digit month, the two-digit day of your birthday, and the last four digits of your Social Security number - 9MMDDSSSS. (International students who do not have a social security number should use 0000 as the last four digits of the social security number).

You will be asked to read and agree to the University's Acceptable Use Policy for Technical Resources. Clicking on "I Agree" will bring you to the Change Password page. Decide on a password that is easy to remember. A word that appears in the dictionary is too simple and will be rejected. Passwords that contain both letters and numbers, or special characters work best. Some examples are do11ar$, @vi@tor, or Pa$$w0rd. Note your username and new password in a secure place. For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password every seven weeks.

If you have questions, please contact our Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 413-796-2200 or access the Login Help page.

Login to Connect2U

Connect 2U is the University's student portal, which will give you access to many important services for current students, including placement testing exams, our online learning management system, access to online billing, and other important information you will need to be successful.

After activating your WNE ID in the above step, Connect2U can be accessed at https://connect2u.wne.edu. Please note that Connect2U is different than your Application Status page and requires a different username and password.

If you have an issue accessing Connect2U, please contact our Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 413-796-2200.

Complete your Math and English Placement Assessments

Assessment in both English and Mathematics is required for all first year students in order to register for classes. These assessments assist us in determining which courses are best suited for you. Assessments should be completed at least 72 hours prior to coming to SOAR; you cannot register for classes without completing both assessments. 

More information about placement testing will be available soon. 

SDS Placement Testing Accommodations

Students with a documented disability who seek accommodations on the placement assessments will first need to self-disclose directly to Student Disability Services (SDS) and provide documentation or evidence that substantiates a disability. The SDS registration process begins online where students may access the SDS Registration Form. Once the form is completed, students will provide it to SDS along with their disability-related documentation. SDS will review all of the information provided and will subsequently schedule an intake appointment to discuss eligibility for accommodations. Because the SDS registration process is individualized and interactive, SDS strongly encourages that students begin the process several weeks in advance in order to ensure appropriate accommodations are in place for the placement assessments. For more information, please visit, wne.edu/student-disability-services or call 413-782-1258.

Complete the Health Record Form

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the University require that all students submit certain health records and maintain medical insurance coverage. To complete your health record requirements, please visit Health Services. On the left side of the screen you will find the menu option, click on Forms. There you will find the specific forms required, depending on your category of enrollment. It is preferred that forms are turned in at SOAR, but they can be submitted until August 1, 2019.

Complete your Housing Application on THD (The Housing Director)

Housing selection is not just about finding a roommate and choosing a room in a residence hall. It creates the opportunity to share time and space with students who have similar interests as members of a floor community, known as Learning Interest Communities (LICs). It is an important step in developing a sense of community on a residence hall floor. The LICs are: Rising Business Professionals; Next Generation of Leaders; Learning Today, Shaping Tomorrow; Healthy Choices, Creative Living; and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Incoming freshmen, who have been invited to be members of the Colleges’ Honors Programs, are also invited to extend that focus into their residential experience at this learning community. As an Honors Scholar, you can “live the suite life” at the innovative LaRiviere Living and Learning Center featuring onsite classrooms, a computer lab and study spaces. Living with like-minded Arts and Sciences, Business, and Honors Scholars, you will enjoy specialized programming, trips, faculty mentorship, and guidance from specially selected Resident Advisors.  Accepted Honors students requesting this Learning Interest Community must email honorslic@wne.edu.

If you have paid the housing deposit through the admissions process, you will use an online system called THD, The Housing Director, to choose a learning interest community, a room, and roommate for the 2019-20 academic year. THD takes you through a multi-step process. Here are the highlights, from start to finish:

  • Complete your application. Review the Resident Student Housing Agreement, answer questions that will help you match with roommates and provide emergency and parent/guardian contact information.
  • Connect with your roommate. Find a roommate by name, or search for people who have answered the application questions similarly. It is important for roommates to agree on Learning Interest Communities when deciding to live together. Roommate groups are typically two people, but a limited number of triple rooms are available in Windham Hall.
  • Select a room beginning on Wednesday, July 24 at 9:00 a.m. and confirm the room as a roommate group.

For step by step information on the housing selection process, click here

Attend your SOAR Session!

What should I bring to SOAR?

  • Dress during SOAR is casual.
  • Don’t forget personal toiletries.
  • It may not be a bad idea to throw an extra blanket in the car; bedrooms can get a bit chilly.
  • Students (living on campus or not) may want to bring workout clothes so that the University’s Healthful Living Center can be fully enjoyed.
  • Raingear may be a wise item to include. SOAR is not complete without a thunderstorm.
  • Consider bringing a sweatshirt or light jacket; some meeting rooms can get cool with air conditioning.
  • Sneakers, especially for evening activities.
  • If you are planning to work on campus, please bring your driver’s license, birth certificate or passport, and social security card to complete required authorization.
  • If prior college coursework has recently been completed, bring a sealed, official copy of the resulting transcript.
  • Federal FAFSA PIN for student.

Other Important Information:

How do I apply for on-campus student employment/earn my Federal Work Study Award?

Information will be provided regarding on-campus student employment at each SOAR session. For now, the following can help you prepare:

  1. Plan to attend the on-campus Student Job Fair. 
  2. Be prepared to complete employment paperwork at SOAR. Another opportunity to complete the paperwork will be at the student job fair, including application tax forms, I-9 forms. You will need the following identification:
    • An original Social Security Card AND driver’s license or official ID
    • A passport is also an acceptable form of identification for the purpose of completing an I-9
  3. Additionally, in the fall you will be able to visit the Human Resources webpage for a complete list of on-campus student employment opportunities.


Fall semester bills are available early July. Student accounts and financial aid can be viewed online using Colleague self-service. If choosing to make payments using a payment plan, enrollments will start early July. More information to follow.

How do I register with Student Disability Services (SDS)?

Step One: Visit SDS online at wne.edu/student-disability-services and complete the SDS Registration Form.

Step Two: Submit the SDS Registration Form and documentation or evidence that substantiates a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act.

Step Three: SDS reviews the Registration Form and disability-related documentation and subsequently schedules an intake appointment to discuss eligibility for accommodations.

Step Four: During the Intake Appointment, SDS and the student will discuss and confirm reasonable and appropriate accommodations and students will learn more about their role and responsibilities in the accommodation process.

Please Note: Students seeking on-campus housing accommodations must also complete the SDS Campus Housing Accommodation Request Form and provide it to SDS along with their completed SDS Registration Form and disability-related documentation. Requests should be submitted to SDS by June 3, 2019. Consideration of requests will be reviewed on a space available basis.