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Jeanne S. Hart-Steffes
Vice President for
Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Call:  413-782-1282
Email:  jsteffes@wne.edu

Dale-Marie Dahlke
Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
and Dean of Students
Call: 413-782-1282
Email: ddahlke@wne.edu

Yvonne Bogle
Assistant Dean of Diversity Program and Services
Call:  413-782-1594
Email:  yvonne.bogle@wne.edu

Wayne Carpenter
Director of Counseling Services
Call:  413-782-1221
Email:  wayne.carpenter@wne.edu

Louise Ingram
Staff Assistant, Counseling Services
Call:  413-782-1221
Email:  louise.ingram@wne.edu 

Sheila Hanifin
Spiritual Life Coordinator
Call:  413-782-1628
Email:  sheila.hanifin@wne.edu

Melissa Lambert
Interim Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development
Call:  413-782-1385
Email:  melissa.lambert@wne.edu

Kathy Reid
Director of Health Services/Nurse Practitioner
Call:  413-782-1211
Email:  kathleen.reid@wne.edu

Marilyn Laboy
Office Manager, Health Services
Call:  413-782-1211
Email:  marilyn.laboy@wne.edu

Gerard Roeder
Assistant Dean and Director of Residence Life
Call:  413-782-1386
Email:  gerard.roeder@wne.edu

Nicole Semanie
Administrative Assistant, Residence Life
Call:  413-782-1317
Email:  nicole.semanie@wne.edu

Andrea St. James
Director of Career Development Center
Call:  413-782-1775
Email:  andrea.stjames@wne.edu

Christine Young
Career Development Program Coordinator 
Call:  413-782-1560
Email:  christine.young@wne.edu