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Meal Plans

Our meal plans are created with you in mind. Whether you're a first year student living in a traditional housing, or a senior enjoying apartment-style living, our dining options and meal plans cater to you and your busy schedule.

All Access Meals

All Access Meal Plans come with unlimited meals at the RFoC either 7-days or 5-days per week, depending on which plan you’ve chosen. Stop by the RFoC as many times as you’d like for a complete meal or just to grab a snack.

7 Day All Access

7 days of unlimited meals
100 Bear Bucks

20 Magic Meals

5 Day All Access

5 days of unlimited meals
200 Bear Bucks

20 Magic Meals

Block Meals

The traditional 85 Block and 55 Block plans are still available to all students not required to purchase a meal plan. Block meals are good for the entire semester and do not have to be budgeted on a weekly basis.

85 Block Plan

85 block meals
300 Bear Bucks

55 Block Plan

55 block meals
150 Bear Bucks


Magic Meals are a new feature to the All Access plans only. These meals can be used to treat a friend or family member to a meal in the RFoC or you can use them to purchase a meal at any of retail locations.

Bear Bucks

Formerly known as “Points”, Bear Bucks can be spent at any on-campus dining location including the Rock Food Court, P.O.D. Market, Law School Cafe, AHLC, or even at the RFoC to treat a friend. Bear Bucks work just like a debit card and you can add more at any time.