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Student Life

Student Life

Connecting Living And Learning

The Division of Student Life is dedicated to enhancing the student experience, fostering a vibrant campus community, and ensuring seamless interactions between students and the university. Our goal is to provide a seamless interface where students can find the support they need without confusion.

In an ever-evolving world, the Division of Student Life is resolute in its commitment to meet the diverse needs of today's college students. Our repositioning reflects a dynamic approach to empowering students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern age. From combating loneliness and fostering meaningful connections to nurturing cultural agility, ensuring well-being, promoting professional readiness, and making strategic decisions that matter—we are committed to being partners on this transformative journey.

The Student Life Division comprises several focused subdivisions, each dedicated to different aspects of our students’ university journey. These subdivisions ensure students have specialized support for personal, academic, professional, and well-being needs. Subdivisions include the Delbridge Career Center, Student Engagement, Athletics and Recreation, Center for Health and Well-Being, and Parent and Family Engagement.

Empowering Future Success

As the Division of Student Life, we are committed to empowering students for the journey ahead. Our themes for the coming year reflect this commitment, emphasizing connections, cultural agility, health and well-being, professional readiness, and meaningful assessment. By embracing these themes, we aim to create a thriving community where every student can flourish and succeed.

Themes for 2023-24