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Success First

About the Program

Success First is a year-long program designed to help first generation college students be successful through one-on-one mentoring, valuable workshops, group outings, and an opportunity to receive financial assistance for books and supplies. The goal is to help first generation students develop a sense of community with one another as well as a support system throughout campus. A first generation student at Western New England University is a student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) did not obtain a bachelor's degree/complete a 4 year college or university. 

The program provides an opportunity for students to:

  • Build a lasting relationship with mentors and peers.

  • Obtain leadership experience on campus by continuing as a Success First Leadership Team member. 

  • Gain insight to other leadership opporunities and programs on campus.

  • Have the possibility to receive a voucher for books and supplies.

We are committed to create and gear our workshops to topics and questions that are salient of our First Generation, first year students here at Western New England University. We would love to hear from you about questions you may have and topics you would like to learn more about. Our program director, as well as mentors, are here to provide supplemental information for students during their time at Western New England!

If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, please fill out the form below to request information. 

Workshops Offered

  • Financial aid and money management 

  • Exploring interests and talents

  • Preparing for finals

  • Understanding your purpose and goal setting

  • Career exploration and transferable skills

  • Understanding degree progress and registering for courses

  • Transition into Sophomore year

Student Testimonials

"The Success First program has helped me establish the goals and connections on campus that I felt I needed to be successful"  - Tyler Clement, Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering 

"This program was a fantastic experience and the outings provided me with an opportunity to meet people and experience things that I normally would not. It helped me understand many of the smaller aspects of college, such as a degree audit and finals exam preparation, that I would not really have thought of. The mentoring aspect was especially helpful because it allowed me to connect with an individual who has really gone through what I am experiencing to some degree. My mentor also had connections on campus which was especially helpful to me to think about other opportunities on campus in the future." - Success First participant 

"Definitely a big help for finding my way freshman year." - Success First participant

"Very helpful and great environment!" - Success First participant

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