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Western New England University has identified their highest priorities for private support. First, increased student aid and scholarship support will provide access to the experiential Western New England education for deserving students, regardless of their financial limitations. Second, academic excellence in programs, additional research opportunities, and updating the facilities in which students learn and study will create practical real-world environments. And third, the holistic student experience can be enhanced with internships, campus activities, study-abroad learning, and more.

Each of these priority areas helps us to recruit and retain high caliber students ready to excel at the University, attract prominent faculty members in their areas of expertise, secure government grants for research, and maintain state-of-the-art technological resources and facilities for the entire campus community.

Access for all deserving students

While Western New England University distributes millions in financial aid to our students each year, most University students and families must reach deep to pay their contribution. By investing in student assistance and scholarship support, donors are making an immediate tangible difference for students, families and futures.

Whether determined to be a civil engineer, pharmacist, lawyer, accountant or psychologist, Western New England students are certain that the future holds great promise and are willing to take on debt to experience our University and graduate with their degree. By decreasing debt, gifts toward financial aid directly affect the opportunities students can take advantage of to open career paths and widen their choices as new professionals.

Your gift will increase both the number and size of scholarships.
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Programs and research

Our goal is to provide the best learning environment for students. By investing in faculty excellence, modern academic equipment and technology, and our academic facilities, we will inspire and motivate our students to dream big and achieve their goals. Our small class learning environment is the heart and soul of the Western New England experience.

Faculty and staff are one of a university's most important resources. In order to ensure the highest quality of education for students, Western New England needs to recruit and retain an exceptional faculty. Program support, endowed chairs or endowed professorships would allow us to recruit quality faculty members while at the same time providing the University with increased flexibility in its use of existing funds.

Your gift will enhance and expand programs by providing the richest, most diverse academic opportunities.

The Golden Bear Experience

Students who participate in highly personalized learning experiences are more successful in their academic and professional careers. Opportunities such as student-faculty research, signature work projects, study abroad, internships and student leadership positions increase their confidence and marketability in today’s competitive global workforce.

We are proud to have built experiential learning experiences into the curriculum so that all student partake in a high-impact, out of classroom learning project before they graduate. This allows our students to be inspired to impact the world, make history-altering discoveries, engage in new heights of civic responsibility, and live life to the fullest.  

Leadership development, volunteerism, student government, athletics, diversity programing, student research, service-learning projects, and internships all provide a stimulating environment for both social and intellectual growth.

Your gift will transform students' lives through personalized, out of classroom experiences while preparing them for real world success.


  • Over 70% of WNE students receive financial assistance

    "Scholarships are the difference between attending Western New England or not"

    Alexandria, a junior majoring in Arts and Entertainment Management in the College of Business, calls the University her “second home.” She chose to enroll at Western New England not only because she saw it as “a place that cares about its students.” She also selected this institution because of scholarship assistance. Receiving several scholarships, including the Theodore R. Zern First Year Student Endowed Scholarship, was the deciding factor in her choice, “because I needed a school that would provide me with an education and skills that I could use effectively in the workforce. But even with all those tools, if I were unable to afford the school, then I would be setting myself up to struggle paying off loans for years.”

  • $2.6M in gifts helps expand and renovate Sleith Hall

    Paul and Deborah Antinori tour new lab spaces

    Over 400 donors contributed $2.6 million to renovate and expand Sleith Hall, home of the College of Engineering. New labs, studio classrooms, offices, and facilities for doctoral students were all a product of this project.

    The Biomedical Engineering suite features a simulation mannequin that enables students to learn how the projects they work on are applied in a clinical setting and Computer and Electrical Engineering labs provide space to study the growing field of mechatronics. With these improvements, the scope and variety of student and faculty research taking place within Sleith Hall expands greatly and the potential for innovation is unlimited.

    Those opportunities are the direct result of the project’s many financial supporters, University administration and staff, and the tireless commitment of Dean S. Hossein Cheraghi and his faculty. “Our success would not be possible were it not for the generosity of the many benefactors to this project,” said President Anthony S. Caprio.

  • Unrestricted funds allow for a dynamic student experience

    Students travel to Guatemala

    Ten management students embark on a mission to help improve the water supply for a town in the western highlands of Guatemala. They arrive in the town of San Lucas Toliman each spring and stay for two weeks, where they are involved in a variety of projects including road construction, reforestation, and a coffee growing and harvesting co-op. Several students also serve as teachers' aides.

    Experiences like this expand our student's view of the world, shape who they are as a person, and last a lifetime. Unrestricted gifts through The Fund for Western New England University help guarantee this journey can take place year after year.